Alex Gheorghiu

IT Architect & Project Manager

18 years of experience in software development and remote teams and projects management. My greatest strength is having good communication skills combined with deep tech background and a keen understanding of resource allocation.


Team Leader and Software Architect

ABC Time Tracking
2021 - 2024     Iasi, Romania
  • Managing milestones and team of 7 persons
  • Creating specs for the team
  • Coordinating tasks between multiple teams on multiple projects (aprox: team of 10 persons)
  • Creating technical and visual specs (wireframing and Figma)
  • Project estimations
  • Keeping things in synch between clients and teams
Tech stack : Linux PHP Boostrap 4 MySQL JavaScript Java

Team Lead

Project: Stars4U
2020 - 2021     Remote / U.K.
  • Creating architecture and REST API
  • Implementing code for back end and sometimes fixing code on front end
  • Establish deadline and coordinating with other developers
Tech stack : Linux PHP/Laravel VueJS Flutter/Dart REST API ClickUp!

University Research Program - EU funded project

Project: OpenDSU
2019 - 2020     Iasi, Romania
  • Keeping 300 I.T developers in loop over new ehancements
  • Implementing code
  • Writing code for building the application
  • Studies over different JS frameworks (to be able to be implemented in the project)
Tech stack : NodeJS JavaScript Angular ReactJS Angular Docker/Docker Compose Kubernetes

Team Leader and Software Architect

Product: Scan123 - 3 sub-projects
2008-2019     Porland, US
Huge product split into multiple subprojects.
Managing milestones for a team of 15 persons with people from US, Romania, Ukraine
  • SubProject: Web application (LAMP stack)
    • Single handed create the initial version of the application for web and desktop
    • Implementing advanced parts of the specs
    • Managing huge MySQL database (ex: 15GB of indexes)
    • C.I. using Jenkins for test units
    Tech stack : Linux PHP MySQL JavaScript Google Cloud Google Vision Python WebService JIRA
  • SubProject: Desktop application (Java)
    • Optimize it for large number of image
    • Create Windows installer
    • C.I. using Jenkins for build
    Tech stack : Java/Swing Install4J H2 Twain Jenkins
  • SubProject: Android application
    • Laying the UI/UX for the application
    • Overview and code reviewing
    Tech stack : Android Java


Psychology Master - Clinical psychology and psychotherapy
Faculty of Psychology
Al. Ioan Cuza University - Iasi   Iasi    2023 - present
Faculty of Psychology
Al. Ioan Cuza University - Iasi   Iasi    2020 - 2023
Agile Project Management Training
OCMUSA inner training
Various trainers from different companies    2018
Java Certified Web Developer
Oracle Corporation
Sun Microsystem    2005
Java Certified Programmer
Oracle Corporation
Sun Microsystem   Iasi    2004
MBA in International Business
Faculty of Economics
Al. Ioan Cuza University   Iasi    2002-2004
Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering
Faculty of Informatics
Al. Ioan Cuza University   Iasi    1998-2002
Faculty of Biotechnology
University of Medicine -"Grigore T. Popa" - Iasi   Iasi    1996-2000


Project Management People skills Remote working Figma Vue.js Flutter Linux REST API PHP Laravel Java Python Flask SQLAchemy Kubernetes PostgreSQL Jinja Swing/JFC JSP JDBC HTML 5 JavaScript Nodejs MySQL SQLite Perl Docker Git Mercurial Android C# Sphinx Google Cloud Google Vision Arduino Raspberry Pi Electronics


Fluent (C2)

Intermediate (B1)

Elementary (A2)


My life philosophy

“The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.” Confucius

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