Alex Gheorghiu

IT Architect & Project Manager

IT Software Professional with over 18 years of experience in software development and remote teams and projects management. My greatest strength is having good communication skills combined with deep tech background and a keen understanding of resource allocation.


Team Leader and Software Architect

ABC Time Tracking
ABC Time Tracking is time tracking solution for team. It is comprised of several projects: web application, website, client and online marketing.
2021 - 2024     Iasi, Romania
  • Managing milestones and team of 7 persons
  • Creating specs for the team
ABC - Web Application
Offers a web interface to a time tracking system.
  • Created all the specs for the application
  • Managing milestones and team
  • Integrating online payment through Stripe and BrainTree
  • Integrating with Google sign in
  • Tech stack : PHP PHPUnit MySQL Linux (Suse, Ubuntu) Jenkins Agile/Scrum methodology Jira Ant Boostrap 4
ABC - Website
Is the landing spot for anyone interested in ABC Time Tracking. Started as simple HTML site I upgraded it (with the help of the team) to a full custom WordPress site.
  • Created all the UX mockup
  • Made a custom WordPress theme
  • Optimize it for SEO
  • Worked with designer and graphical artist to integrate the artwork inside the theme
  • Tech stack : PHP MySQL Linux (Suse Ubuntu) Agile/Scrum methodology Jira Krita Adobe Firewors
ABC - Desktop Client
Desktop plugin is Java application that makes it easier to add timesheets. Also offers the option to make screenshots for timesheets.
  • Managing milestones and team
  • Created all the specs for the application
  • Implemented most of the application
  • Tech stack : Java HTTPClient JSON H2 database Ant Install4J Linux Windows MacOS
ABC - Online Marketing
Using SEO techniques to push the application higher in search results.
  • Working with SEO experts to implement different scripts and mini apps
  • Tracking targeted keywords
  • Tech stack : Python Google Analytics Google Trends SEMRush

Team Lead

Project: Stars4U
Stars4u is a 3D avatar sharing mobile application.
2020 - 2021     Remote / U.K.
  • Creating architecture and REST API
  • Implementing code for back end and sometimes fixing code on front end
  • Establish deadline and coordinating with other developers
Tech stack : Linux PHP/Laravel VueJS Flutter/Dart REST API ClickUp!

University Research Program - EU funded project

Project: OpenDSU
OpenDSU a research project aiming to provide security on "edge" devices.
2019 - 2020     Iasi, Romania
  • Keeping 300 I.T developers in loop over new ehancements
  • Implementing code
  • Writing code for building the application
  • Studies over different JS frameworks (to be able to be implemented in the project)
Tech stack : NodeJS JavaScript Angular ReactJS Angular Docker/Docker Compose Kubernetes

Team Leader and Software Architect

Scan123 - all sub-projects
Scan123 is a cloud document storage system comprised of multiple projects.
2008-2019     Porland, OR & Iasi, Romania
  • Managing milestones for a team of 15 persons with people from US, Romania, Ukraine
  • Creating specs for the team
  • Multiple subprojects: Web, Android, Python, Google Vision
  • Implementing advanced parts of the specs
Scan123 - Team and software management
As team and software makes the core of any software product we needed a way to improve release time and keep everybody in sync. As additional complexity, the whole Scan123 product was actually composed of multiple projects. What initially started like a simple scanner app with web interface grew to several projects. Also the number of people involved started from 3 and increased to dozens. All spread on 2 continents. To keep all on track I implemented a continuous integration process based on Jenkins and for team implemented a work flow based on Jira.
  • I created and deployed this flow, then try to keep it running.
  • Created special case Kanban boards to offer an overview of the multiple subprojects we had.
  • Integrated Jenkins with Jira and Ant build scripts.
  • Tech stack : Jenkins Agile/Scrum Jira Ant Google Jamboard
Scan123 - web application
Building a cloud document storage system. Based on PHP, MySQL and Linux. Initially stored on company's servers later migrated to Google Cloud.
  • Single handed create the initial version of the application
  • Managing milestones and team as we grew to 15 persons with remote people from US, Romania, Ukraine
  • Created a storage layer that allows the sysadmins to move instantly from Google Storage to Amazon, Azure or localstorage
  • Created, used and enhances an open source SQL storage library: SQLarity
  • Migrated whole application into Google Cloud
  • Tech stack : PHP MySQL Linux Google Cloud Docker Google Storage Gaufrette Git GitHub PHPUnit
Scan123 - desktop application
Building the desktop endpoint of storage system. Made in Java to cover as many operating systems as possible. This application was scanning documents and sent them to the cloud web storage.
  • Single handed created and maintained the the application in Java
  • Created an update system for the application that allowed sysadmins to push new releases to the customers
  • As several customers were lacking behing in terms of their PC performance we had to allow different builds for different Java enviroments so I extended the build system to simultaneously create multiple build architecture (ex:Java 7, Java 8, Java 11) for the same release
  • Tech stack : Java HTTPClient JSON H2 database Ant Install4J Twain Morrena
Scan123 - Android application
The Android application for the scanning service. This application was allowing on-the-field user to scan documents and sent them to the cloud web storage.
  • Coordinating, advising and reviewing code of the application
  • Managing the Android team made of remote people from US (2), Romania(1), Ukraine(2)
  • Tech stack : Android JSON HTTPClient
Scan123 - Search microservice
The huge volume of documents stored needed a way to allow customers to quickly search the information. As conventional storage of data in database could not handle it we implemented the whole search in Sphinx and isolated into a microservice.
  • Single handed create the initial version of the application
  • Tech stack : Sphinx MySQL with federated table storage engine PHP Linux JSON
Scan123 - OCR/Vision microservice
As most of the stored data was as images we had to offer the customers a way to search inside those images so we needed to implement a way to convert pictures to text. Also should be scalable and isolated from main application so it can be updated and replicated fast and reliable. I picked Google Vision and created a microservice for it based on Flask.
  • Single handed created the initial version of the application
  • Google Vision Python Flask JSON Twisted HTTP server

Initiator and community leader for Diagramo

2009-2011     Iasi, Romania
Diagramo is an open source ( see it on Github 539 Stars ) HTML5 diagram editor and library. Initiated in 2009 when HTML5 emerged had the purpose of allowing anyone to create a diagram using only a browser. And it did.

After an initial welcome at OSCON 2011 and started to be used internally by M.I.T laboratories it simply exploded in usage.

  • Managing a team of 2 active developers and a community of open source developers
  • Initiated an open source HTML5 diagram library and application
  • Integrating and contributing code through Bitbucket and Git
  • Technologies used: HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and SQLite

Main developer

2010     Iasi, Romania
LightSenz is a prototype of a device that can adjust the brightness of the display based on your room / environment luminosity.
  • Toy project
  • The device was built on top of Arduino platform and used light sensors to measure light intensity
  • The PC "drivers" /endpoint was coded in C#
  • Technologies used: C#, Arduino, electronics

Main developer
2010     Iasi, Romania is a simple online todo list.It was created around 2010 at the dawn of smartphone wave. It was created with the purpose of having a minimal interface that might be able to work even in very low bandwidth conditions / low internet connections. It was more or less a personal hackathon.
  • Toy project but still alive
  • Fully developed it in a few days
  • Able to chare it your list with other people
  • Technologies used: HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL

Programming Leader

2007-2008     Porland, OR & Iasi, Romania
SecuredIM was a secured instant messenger that targeted companies and teams. It was an early version of Slask.
  • Managing a team of 7 persons
  • Based on Openfire technology
  • Creating Java plugins for Spark (client for OpenFire server)
  • Creating web interface that accompanied any Spark client
  • Technologies used: Openfire, Java, PHP, MySQL, Linux

Programming Leader

2006-2007     Porland, OR & Iasi, Romania
PositiveDelivery was designed as an email system that was tailored for lawyers, accountants and any party for which is vital to have a confirmation of emails sent.
  • Designing and implementing the application
  • Managing a team of 4 persons
  • Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Linux

Programming Leader

2006-2007     Iasi, Romania was a project management system. It offered a nice and sleek interface and - very uncommon for that time - drag and drop ability for moving ticket from a milestone / section to another.
  • Designing and implementing the application
  • Managing a team of 6 persons
  • Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Linux

Programming Leader

2005-2006     Iasi, Romania
ManageStudio was a ticketing management system. It was like an early version of JIRA software. It was built using JSP and MySQL.
  • Designing and implementing the application
  • Managing a team of 4 persons
  • Technologies used: JSP, JDBC, MySQL

Junior developer

Telequote Network
2001-2002     Iasi, Romania
Worked as Java programmer to implement visual interfaces for an ontology engine. The engine was used by Austrian banks to classify different aspect of their business.
  • Created some custome animated buttons in JFC (Java Foundation Classes)
  • Technologies used: Java, Swing, Java Ontologies

2000-2001     Iasi, Romania (Romanian term for components) was an PC components exchange site. While I was a student I had not enough funds to buy new PC components but I had enough to sell an old components, add some money and buy the new CPU or video card.
So I created this site, spread the word in students word and in 2 days the site simply exploded.
Sold it a little bit later for a few hundred dollars.
  • Toy project but sold for a small fortune (for a student) 2 years later
  • Designing and implementing the application in 2 days
  • Technologies used: Perl, Apache, flat file storage


Psychology Master - Clinical psychology and psychotherapy
Faculty of Psychology
Al. Ioan Cuza University - Iasi   Iasi    2023 - present
Faculty of Psychology
Al. Ioan Cuza University - Iasi   Iasi    2020 (September) - 2023 (July)
Agile Project Management Training
OCMUSA inner training
Various trainers from different companies    2018
Java Certified Web Developer
Oracle Corporation
Sun Microsystem    2005
Java Certified Programmer
Oracle Corporation
Sun Microsystem   Iasi    2004
MBA in International Business
Faculty of Economics
Al. Ioan Cuza University   Iasi    2002-2004
Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering
Faculty of Informatics
Al. Ioan Cuza University   Iasi    1998-2002
Faculty of Biotechnology
University of Medicine -"Grigore T. Popa" - Iasi   Iasi    1996-2000


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“The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.” Confucius

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